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You can watch the short DD intro video on the homepage to learn of all the unique opportunities, benefits and advantages of DD. There are many sites online where you can buy domains, but only DD has discount fair pricing based on third party valuations, the ability to lease to own every available domain for 3 years without a qualifcation process and without penalty for early payoff or termination of the lease for any reason at any time, domain cash parking that pays you 5% guaranteed annual cash for up to 3 years, the opportunity to trade domains in the first year with full cash credit for your original purchase price, and ongoing unlimited cash awards coming from 5 to 10 generations of referrals. DD is the only domain site that awards unlimited cash benefits with no purchase ever required.

Considerable planning and preparations for DD were underway for a long time, resulting in the public launch of DD on June 1, 2021.

The concept, development and operation of DD is the work of our experienced private team of seasoned innovative website developers and others involved in implementing creative ideas that can profitably benefit many people worldwide. Over the years we've had our own success using and marketing quality domains, so we know firsthand their potential for value and profitability. Millions profit from using or selling domains every day. We're “golden rule” people who love developing win-win ideas and ventures. DD is about providing a unique website that's clear, fair, honest and easy to use, where many can acquire quality profitable domains and refer others to find great domains as well and profit from their involvement with DD. We want you to enjoy using and profiting from your free DD account. If you do then our goals for DD will be realized.

Anyone in the world 18 years of age or older may register and have a DD account.

Yes. DD accounts are available to anyone anywhere in the world who is 18 or older.

It's fine for DD site visitors and account registrants to use the same computer or phone. However, an email address or bank account for receiving benefits may not be used with more than one DD account.

Yes. Any company, family or group may register and have a DD account. To register an association an authorized agent 18 or older should register the name of the association in the first name space and the agent's full name in the last name space. The agent's name may appear on only one association's DD account. The agent may also have a personal DD account. It's entirely up to the registered account agent to make sure that only authorized parties have the login information to access the association's account. DD will not be involved and will not intervene in any way with regard to any disputes arising among or between parties who may access or use any DD account.

We want to keep it simple. Each registrant agrees to always provide to DD accurate, truthful information and abide by DD's written terms, conditions and policies. DD relies on the accuracy of the information that registrants voluntarily provide. Each registrant may have only one active personal DD account at a time, and may also be the named agent on only one group account at a time, if so desired. Laws and regulations governing the sales and financial activities offered on DD will vary from place to place. Each registrant is solely responsible to know and follow any regulations or laws in effect where he or she lives that may in any way affect or govern the registrant's participation with DD. Each registrant is thus solely responsible for all of effects of a DD account.

Yes. Not only is every DD account completely free, but DD will instantly award $15 to each new account just for registering. The $15 makes a DD account better than free.

DD provides its generous cash benefits to those with free accounts for reasons that are easily understood. First, instead of paying a lot of money to ad companies in order to promote the DD site, DD channels most of those advertising dollars directly to its registrants who make the effort to refer others to the DD site. Besides this, DD also shares some of its proceeds from domain sales with those who refer others to DD. Whenever any of those in the referrer's extensive referral generations buys a DD domain, a percentage of the sale amount goes to the referrer(s). 5% annual cash benefits are also awarded to those who buy a DD domain and keep it parked with DD for at least a year and up to 3 years in order to patiently let its value grow while the domain helps attract others to the DD site and its advertisers. For these reasons all DD cash benefits make very good economic sense because they are simply and obviously a win-win approach for all-around success.

Our registration system and referral benefits program work easiest and best with a uniform style of account identification consisting of just six characters that are assigned.

Yes. Involvement with DD is always entirely voluntary. You can easily choose to cancel your DD account at any time via your Profile page without providing DD with a reason why you decided to cancel, unless of course you'd like to contact us and provide a reason.

An account will only be canceled by DD for the reason of inactivity if it meets ALL of three criteria: 1) The registrant has not logged in to DD in six months, AND 2) The registrant has no new direct (first generation) referrals in that same six months, AND 3) The registrant has no domains cash-parked or posted for sale on DD.

Yes, upon cancellation all of your personal information held by DD will be deleted immediately if you have no domains parked with DD. Any lease-to-own you may have in progress will be terminated immediately. Your cash account will also be terminated and any cash you may have had in the DD cash account will be zeroed out. Because of this, please make sure that you want to cancel your account before you actually do so. If you do choose to cancel your account, you will be notified on the site that it has been done but no confirmation nor any further emails will be sent to you.

Never. Junk or spam email will at no time be sent to you from or in cooperation with DD. Unless you intentionally choose to receive general promotional emails from DD or any of its onsite advertisers you won't receive any communications from or through DD except those direct messages deemed by DD to be important to you as a DD registrant.

Definitely not. Your privacy and the security of your private information will always be strongly protected by DD. Except in the rare event of some legitimate court order for legally required compulsory compliance issued to DD, DD will never allow your private information or email address to be shared, traded or sold without your permission.

You can change your email address or other information at any time via your Profile page when you're logged in to DD.

If any issue or disagreement arises between a site visitor or account registrant and DD that remains unresolved after an attempt is made at congenial communication to a point of mutual satisfaction, the site visitor or registrant may then either choose to continue to go forward using the DD site, leaving the disputed matter as one unable to be resolved, or the account registrant may choose to simply cancel the DD account. The voluntary use of the DD website and the likewise voluntary opportunity provided by DD to be a DD account registrant is entirely in the nature of a privilege and not in any sense a right of any party. Thus, the final disposition of any matter is ultimately determined by DD. DD has the sole right and option to deal in any way deemed to be in its best interest without any further recourse of or compensation due to any DD site visitor or account registrant.

Even great things can be improved, and DD is among them. We don’t have a monopoly on all of the good ideas out there, so if you have an idea or suggestion you think could make DD better or easier to use, even if it's a small one, we'd like to hear about it through our Contact Us page. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to be helpful to us and those who use the DD site. Perhaps you'll see your suggestion appear on DD as a welcome improvement.

No. Our site users and account registrants are not in any way contracted with DD, nor are they in any sense employees, commissioned agents or representatives of DD. Any cash benefits or “earnings” arising from any activities on the DD site are voluntary awards provided by DD. They are not in any sense obligations, tips, wages, salaries or payments for services. Any statistics or accounting on the DD site are there strictly for the benefit of the voluntary DD account registrants for their personal disposition. Until and unless there are changes in the law affecting DD site benefits and awards we leave all outside accounting and tax-related matters up to registrants, their accountants and their relationship with regulations or laws of their jurisdiction. DD will simply display all of the site records and statistics of registrants, which are there for the benefit of the registrants who may do with any of them as they alone may choose.

No. DD does not limit the amount of awarded cash an account registrant may receive or accrue at any time. Just the opposite is true. We love to see how much each registrant can acquire in cash awards, so every registrant can go for the greatest amount possible.

Cash awards are generally posted in DD accounts instantly at the time they are awarded. Once posted in an account the cash is instantly available to be used at any time on the DD site to apply toward the purchase of domains or other things offered by DD, except for domain lease-to-own payments. Cash awards in a DD account may also be delivered or left in the account to accrue as long as desired. DD makes its quarterly electronic cash deliveries on or before the 5th day following each quarter to those choosing to have their awarded cash delivered to them. Whenever the balance in a DD account reaches $50 or more by the end of a quarter, the balance will be delivered in the payment following unless the account registrant has selected to hold funds to accrue. Cash deliveries must be $50 minimum.

DD will always attempt to use and over time expand the number of trusted digital methods for making purchase payments to DD and delivering cash awards from DD. DD always has the right to use, add or discontinue the use of any payment or cash award delivery method at any time and for its own reasons. Account registrants are encouraged to request that DD consider using any delivery method that they may prefer. DD will take all such requests under consideration as we determine which methods will work well with the DD site and will serve our account registrants best. DD currently provides a wide variety of payment methods for purchases, including cards and cryptocurrencies, along with the use of a DD cash balance. The method of delivery for cash awards is ACH/Direct Deposit to a provided bank account.

At any time during the first year following the date a domain is purchased from DD and cash-parked with DD that domain may be traded for any other domain offered by DD. This can be done through the registrant's Dashboard when logged in to DD. The purchase price of the domain being traded in will be fully applied toward the price of the domain that's being acquired in the trade. No cash will be refunded if the acquired domain is priced less than the price paid for the domain that's being traded in. If the domain being acquired in the trade has a higher price than the price paid for the domain being traded in the difference due may be paid to DD using any payment method available on the DD site, using any cash balance in the trader's DD account, or a combination of both.

Virtually every week there are new selected domains added to those for sale or lease to own. We don't want the available number to become overwhelming, so we attempt to strike a balance between the number and the variety of the domains for sale or lease to own. There will always be at least several hundred domains for review and for sale or lease to own, and at times there could be over 1000. We encourage all to come to the DD site often to see the quality domains recently added.

DD primarily offers dot com (.com) domains for sale or lease to own. This is because among all of the growing number and types of domain extensions (.com, .org, .net, .biz, .shop, .club, etc), dot com has always been and is still by far the world's standard extension. Dot com domains have from the start been the best known, most widely used, most easily remembered, most popular, and overall the most valuable domains online or bought, sold and held as investments. Other domain extensions of course can be useful and valuable, but it helps to have a specialty in this realm, and DD specializes in dot com domains. Domains with other extensions will be offered for sale or lease to own at times by DD, but the vast majority of offered domains will be dot coms. Among the millions of dot com domains there exists a great range of quality, value, appeal and potential for web use. DD endeavors to maintain a balance among all of these factors within a pricing range that is not only affordable to the greatest number of DD buyers, but which also provides the best opportunity for DD site users to acquire multiple domains in their portfolio with a reasonably low downside risk and an attractive upside potential for considerable profit over time, whether the domain is to soon be developed for website use or held for profit.

Click here to visit our BuyRight page and read all about this unique opportunity.

Once a domain is purchased from DD and the transaction has been completed, the buyer has the opportunity to have the domain transferred to the buyer's full control or the buyer may leave the domain to be cash-parked with DD. If no transfer request is recieved by DD then the domain will automatically be cash-parked for a 5% annual cash award for as long as the buyer determines, up to 3 years. The domain controls and options are found on the DD registrant Dashboard, accessible when logged in to the DD site. At any point the buyer requests the transfer of the domain then DD will promptly transfer it to the registration in the buyer's sole control with the registrar where DD has the domain registered. This kind of transfer is called a "push" and has no cost. The domain registration will be updated by DD to reflect the buyer's contact information. The buyer can then immediately have sole control of the domain and change the DNS (domain name server) settings to point the domain to any website of the buyer's choice. In a lease-to-own plan the transfer does not take place until and unless the total amount of the lease payments has been paid in full, which can be accomplished monthly or paid in full at any time. When the total amount of the lease has been paid a transfer of the domain can be selected promptly using the process as has been described here. Once a buyer selects on the Dashboard to have a domain transferred, DD will contact the buyer via email with specific instructions, typically within 24 hours.

We know of no other domain site that pays a fixed generous cash amount for parking a domain.

When a domain is purchased from DD it is automatically and immediately cash-parked with DD by default until and unless the domain buyer chooses to transfer it or at some point during the first year of cash-parking to exchange it for another domain offered by DD. Domains which remain cash-parked will accrue a cash benefit of 5% of the purchase price at the end of each 12-month parking period following the date of purchase, for up to 3 consecutive 12-month periods from the date of purchase. The 5% cash benefit is posted to the buyer's DD account at the end of each year of DD parking.

If a domain purchased from DD is not intended to soon be used for a website, and if it is being offered for resale or held as an investment for growth in value, cash parking can be a great way to go. Not only is the domain's value potentially growing over time while it is cash-parked with DD, but additionally while the domain's potential growth in value is taking place the buyer can begin earning an immediate above-market-rate annual return on the cost paid for the domain. There's another benefit that comes with DD cash-parking along with the 5% annual cash earnings. As long as the domain is cash-parked with DD, for up to 3 years, the annual domain re-registration fee due and payable to the registrar company where the domain is registered, normally a cost of about $10 per year, will be fully paid by DD, another benefit saving the domain owner the money. Also, during cash parking, DD will generally attempt to generate traffic for the domain that will potentially assist in some increased DD website traffic and potential profits for DD and a benefit to the domain owner. Any such traffic can be very good for the domain owner because a record of domain traffic typically makes any domain more valuable. Please note that once a domain buyer selects to transfer or exchange a cash-parked domain, cash parking benefits will cease at the time of such action and they cannot be resumed. Domains acquired by exchange on DD are not eligible for DD cash parking.

With each DD account comes automatic tracking and cash awards derived from the ongoing domain purchases of the referrals in your initial 5 full generations of DD referrals. If you choose to buy domains yourself you will expand your referral generations by 1 generation for each domain you buy, up to a total of 10 generations.

Each registrant is provided a special referral link leading to the DD site that can be passed on to others by email or some other use of the link. Your referrals can even enter your 6-character referrer's ID manually when they register with DD. The link itself can be used with or embedded in the code for one of the DD banners, a text ad or the 3-minute DD video. Your unique referral ID and link is included with a variety of referral media and text helps in your Referral Resources on your Dashboard. In this way all those who visit the DD site and register for a DD account using your ID or referral link, with or without encoded media, will automatically be credited to you as their referrer perpetually from that point on.

Referrals through all initial 5 generations, and any of the additional 5 optional generations, will be tracked and credited to you as the original direct referrer for each generation in your referrer's stats on your Dashboard. Your first generation of direct referrals will further show the first name and last initial of each of your first generation referrals, so you can be sure certain referrals are registered, while maintaining their privacy.

Due to the phenomenon of the typical exponential growth in the number of referrals as multiple generations progress in the fist 5 referral generations, and optionally up to a total of 10 generations, the multiple generations combined can produce a very large total number of the referrals that can financially benefit you as the referrer in an amazing unlimited and ongoing way. This can be the case even if only a small number of your referrals themselves directly refer others to DD in each of the generations.

For example, in the first 5 referral generations, even if you as the referrer have only 5 direct referrals of your own, and they and each succeeding generation has just 5 referrals each per referrer, your initial 5 generations would add up to a fantastic total of 3,905 referrals. And (hold onto your seat for this) if this same 5-referrals-each scenario was maintained throughout all 10 of your possible generations, your total referrals in your 10 generations would be an almost unbelievable 12,203,125 (look again, that's over 12 MILLION REFFERRALS)! of course this in an illustration only and referral results clearly are never consistent like that. While results can be far less than this uniform paradigm, it is just as possible they can be far greater.

Regardless of how many referrals are in yours or any DD registrant's generations of referrals, DD pays ongoing cash awards of 3% of the amount paid for all domain purchases of referrals in your and every registrant's first (direct referral) generation. DD further pays 1% of all of the domain purchases of your referrals throughout your remaining 4 initial generations. Likewise, if you choose to buy any domains, DD will pay to you 1% of all of the domain purchases of your referrals in your optional additional 5 generations of referrals (6 through 10).

Even if only a very small percentage of those in each of your 5 initial generations purchase one or more domains, the total cash awards paid to you as the referrer can amount to thousands of dollars. Possibly thousands of dollars per month. And if you decide to buy one or more DD domains you'll make avalable an additional generation for each of the initial 5 domains that you buy. It is not at all unrealistic that referring others to DD could become a major source of income and profitable enough to be a part time or full time pursuit. In any case, building your generations of referrals on DD may produce significant ongoing cash. We wish you great success in your DD referral benefits!

There is no activity requirement to receive ongoing cash awards from referrals except a DD account can be canceled due to general inactivity if it meets ALL of three criteria: 1) The account registrant has not logged in to DD in six months AND 2) The registrant has no new direct (first-level) referrals in that same six months AND 3) The account registrant has no domains on DD.

You'll find your unique referral link on your Referral Resources page after you login to DD.

Yes, as long as the conditions of the lease are faithfully kept. DD continues to be the registrant of record for every lease-to-own domain until the lease terms are fulfilled. During the lease period the domain settings may be changed to point to a website meeting the lease terms by simply using our Contact Us form to request that specific DNS settings be used. Reasons DD may deny a request for a DNS setting change may include an overdue lease payment, a request to point the DNS to a website that offers the domain for sale, or to a website that in the view of DD may diminish the value of the domain before the lease-to-own terms are entirely fulfilled.

If your contemplated method of contacting others can be justly called spam, don't do it. You may only contact others, or display banners or other ads, and/or provide your DD referral link that brings others to the DD site, where and when a request for it has been confirmed, the information will be welcome, and/or permission has been specifically granted to distribute or display the DD ad, link or information. Be sure you know your audience when referring to DD. If there is a question or a need for clarity regarding any specific method or venue, please first direct your concern or question to DD by using the contact form on the Contact Us page. Spam complaints received by DD that indicate a violation of DD's spam policy or that in any way damages DD's reputation will generate a written notice and warning about the issue from DD. If there is no correction or ongoing observance of the DD spam policy, the violation may result in DD canceling the violator's DD account.

Reasons why emails sent to you from DD may not be received by you include a possible mistake in the email address that you provided to DD, or the email sent to you went into your spam folder or was automatically sorted into another group of emails, or perhaps you have some email filter setting in place that automatically disallowed the DD email sent to you because the DD email had some characteristic that the filter was set to identify as unwanted email. Please first check the above possibilities, and if none seem to apply please contact DD and provide one or more email addresses to which you want DD to send a test email and we will try that.

If you have a referral that you believe should have appeared on your first referral generation but they do not, it may be due to one of several possibilities. It may be that there was an error or problem with the referral link that your referral used to go to the DD site so you would be credited with the referral, or your referral didn't use your referral link at all and just used the normal DD domain to go to the DD site and register. Or, perhaps you gave your 6-character referrer/account ID to your referral to enter to credit you when they registered for their DD account, but your referral either didn't enter your ID or they made a mistake and entered a different ID. To attempt to discover what went wrong you should first check with your referral to find out what they did. Also ask them for their DD login ID. If you contact us and give their name and six digit DD account ID we can sometimes find out what took place and perhaps we may be able to do something to correct any error involved. However, we cannot assure that every referral error or problem can be discovered or corrected.

A referral will disappear from an account if that referral canceled their DD account or it was administratively canceled.

The words such as "Own", "owner" and "ownership" as used on the DD site shall never mean outright and unencumbered ownership of a domain name, as if there is no higher administration of the rights to the domain name. All domain names that exist are at all times under the primary and ultimate ownership and authority of the international authority for domain names called ICANN. Under ICANN domains are then further administered by one of the many registrar companies that are certified by ICANN, such as Go Daddy, Name Silo, etc. Therefore domain names are never actually owned outright by the one who pays to register their right to use them and who has the further right to resell or lease their right to ongoing practical registered control and use of the domain. DD is the registrant for each domain name on this site until that domain is transferred to a buyer, who at that time becomes the new registrant.

So, when it comes to each and every domain name in the world, the essential question is who is the current party listed by ICANN as the registrant who is in practical control of the domain name.

All DD domains made available for purchase or lease to own have been registered by and to DD, and all available rights are therefore under the ongoing control of DD. When a party pays DD the asking price for the acquisition of a domain then one of three things take place: (1) the buyer requests DD right away to officially transfer ("push") the registration of the domain to a registrar account controlled by the buyer, OR (2) The buyer allows the domain to be cash-parked with DD for a period of time, up to 3 years, followed at some point by a transfer of the registration as described in the first possibility, OR (3) The domain is cash parked with DD and then at some point during the first year of cash parking the domain the buyer decides to trade the domain for another domain made available by DD. In the case of a domain trade the domain taken in trade will be timely transferred to the buyer through a process as described in the first possibility. A buyer has the right to sell the buyer's rights to the domain at all times while it is cash-parked with DD. In all cases DD is and remains the official ICANN registrant of the domain until such time as the domain is transferred (pushed) to a buyer in an official registrar account that is then controlled exclusively by the buyer as the new official registrant. However, when a buyer has paid DD the full amount due for the purchase of the domain, a written acknowledgement of the purchase is provided and from that point on DD always considers the buyer to have all of the rights to the domain which at some point will, at the buyer's option, be freely and officially transferred (pushed) to the buyer in the future. The purchased domain will show as belonging to the buyer in the buyer's DD account on the Dashboard on the DD site.

You may choose to place any domain in the Private Sales listings on the DD site that you acquired from DD as a purchase, as a trade, or as a fully paid lease-to-own, provided you have not yet requested a registration transfer of the domain from DD. If your domain is cash-parked the benefits will continue while your domain is listed in the Private Sales. Any domain acquired by a lease-to-own or a trade may be listed as a private sale until the annual domain registration fee is due to be paid, which will vary in timing with each domain. While listed in the Private Sales no cash parking benefits are available for any domain acquired as a result of a lease-to-own or a trade. Private Sales listings are free and there is never a cost or commission due to DD for any sale as a result of listing in the Private Sales.

To list your domain in Private Sales you only need to go to your "My Dashboard" page, click the "Sell" checkbox in the row of the the domain you wish to sell, enter your asking price in the "Selling Price" column and click the "Submit All Changes" button below the domain list. Your domain will then be listed for sale on our Private Sales page and other registrants can send you messages to your registered email address, but your email address will not be revealed to them unless you reply by email to any messages sent to you. You can then negotiate a sale by email or any other communication method you desire as a private transaction, assuming all risks, with any payment arrangement being up to you and the buyer apart from the DD site and without DD having any responsibility or liability in the transaction. Following any transaction you can select to have your domain transferred ("pushed") to the account of your choice with DD's current registrar for the domain, per DD's terms of transfer.
As we encounter other common questions sent to us we will do our best to add those questions and answers here.