What it is and how it works

BuyRight (BR) is the opportunity for registrants of Domain Dollars (DD) to enjoy a great way to make a relatively modest amount of money work extremely favorably over a one year period. BR offers the right to have one of two very profitable outcomes. All available domains with the little red "BR" and the red BuyRight button are eligible for the deeply-discounted buy price of just 25% of the regular listed price of the domain. Within the one-year period from the date of a BR purchase either the registration of the domain will be transferred to the BR buyer for the discounted BR price, OR the BR buyer will receive a calculated 50% per annum cash profit on the BR price paid. Either outcome can be very profitable with low risk.

Here's all you need to know about how the BuyRight opportunity works:

1) With each BR purchase DD has an automatic exclusive 1-year option, but not the obligation, to remain the official public registrant of the domain and to hold, control, sell, lease and/or at any time repurchase the domain from the BR buyer. If DD exercises its option right to repurchase the domain during the option year, DD will pay the BR buyer a total amount equal to the BR purchase price PLUS an amount equal to a 50% annualized profit return on the BR purchase price. The 1-year DD option period begins the date of the BR purchase and ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time 364 days later. DD's option may be exercised at DD's sole determination at any time during the 1-year option period. Among DD's option rights is the right to manage and market the domain for the 1-year period as the sole representative of the rights to the domain

2) At any time during DD's 1-year option period If DD chooses to repurchase the domain from the BR buyer, including if DD sells the domain or is under an ongoing lease-to-own agreement at the end of the 1-year option period, then DD will timely pay the BR buyer the total of the BR purchase price paid PLUS an amount calculated as .00137 of the BR purchase price for each day or portion of a day that the BR buyer has held the domain. A daily gain of .000137 is equal to a 50% per annum profit. If this repurchase amount is paid by DD to the BR buyer, DD will post the amount due to the BR buyer as a cash credit in the BR buyer's Benefits account on the BR buyer's Dashboard. When this payment has been deposited DD will promptly notify the BR buyer in an email that the deposit into the Benefits account has been completed.

3) All of the essential information regarding any BR purchase, including the critical dates and the current amount required to be paid if DD to exercises its option right to buy-back the domain from the BR buyer, is shown and constantly updated in the "BuyRight Domains" page of the registrant's Dashboard on DD.

4) If the 1-year DD option period ends without DD exercising its option to repurchase the domain, DD will promptly deliver the free and clear domain registration to the BR buyer by moving the domain into a certified domain registrar's account in the name designated by the BR buyer. DD will communicate with the BR buyer by email concerning all aspects of this registration transfer process. When the transfer is completed the domain will then be held by the BR buyer as registrant.

5) During DD's 1-year option period the BR buyer shall not represent themselves as the domain's registrant, nor shall the BR buyer offer, advertise, attempt to or actually sell or lease the domain until and unless the domain's registration has first been fully transferred by DD to the BR buyer. Any and all disputes regarding the BuyRight opportunity that may arise shall be simply and fully resolved by DD delivering a reasonably prompt return the full amount paid for the domain by the BuyRight buyer. In such as case no 50% per annum profit amount shall be due to the BuyRight buyer. The full return to the BR buyer of the exact amount paid for the domain under the BuyRight opportunity shall be a full resolution and remedy between the disputing parties. DD's return of the amount paid by the BR buyer will be deposited by DD into the BR buyer's DD Benefits account on the BR buyer's Dashboard. When a BR price is paid for a domain it is implicitly agreed that no other recourse or remedy shall be employed by either the BR buyer or by DD to fully resolve any BR-related disputes.

Buying a high-quality premium domain from DD for just 25% of the listed price is potentially an excellent acquisition deal that may be very profitable to the BR buyer in several ways. The risk of loss is greatly reduced, but not eliminated when a domain is purchased using BuyRight. That's why it is well worth waiting for up to one year during the DD option period for the registration to be transferred to the DD buyer. It's also very profitable for the BR buyer if DD repurchases the domain during the 1-year option period, because the 50% per annum profit on the cash paid for the domain is an amazing gain on the money, which is extremely difficult to achieve in this present very low-yield financial environment. So regardless of which of the two outcomes takes place, the BuyRight opportunity is an excellent way to put a modest amount of money to work acquiring domains on the DD site. There is no limit as to the number of BR domain purchases that any DD registrant may make at any time or over any period of time. No cash parking benefits or trade privileges are included with the BuyRight opportunity, and none of the cash balance in the BR buyer's benefits account may be used for a BR purchase. in any case, whether DD repurchases the BR-bought domain or not, all eligible referrers will be paid their cash awards, based on the greater of the amount paid by the BR buyer or the net amount of the sale price of the domain if it is resold by DD.